Introducing the HF1-018

The HF1-018, the fastest track day car in the world. Built from original 2011-12 genuine race-used F1 chassis’ (the latest allowed under FIA 5 year non-testing regulations). This is an F1 car, capable of running at your local track day or competing at the highest levels of privateer motorsport.

The chassis

TDF take a genuine ex F1 race chassis, strip it back to the tub. The team then carry out a comprehensive check and rebuild of all areas including brakes (rebuilt using new carbon part fitted to the original F1 brake system), suspension, and steering. All items are crack tested where required. Then results are recorded and data stored in the comprehensive build log for your reference and peace of mind. All worn parts are replaced, all carbon parts are NDT certified and lifed, effectively making each car a new build but with unique F1 Race history.

Each car is totally individual, One of One with certified provenience, an exclusive ownership proposition.

The engine and gearbox

Developed as part of a Williams lead formula program, the turbocharged four-cylinder Mountune prepared engine produces 400-650bhp (depending on your specification). This gives a power to weight ration in excess of 1 to 1. Also, by retaining the full and unchanged F1 Aero Package, that performance can be exploited by even lesser experienced driver.

The drivetrain, of course, is equipped with a steering wheel becoming of an F1 car with steering wheel mounted gear shift and clutch paddles and a full colour OLED display similar to the current turbo era F1 cars, VBOX data logging and video capture, an onboard starter and even runs through its own preheat process, allowing easy driver +1  technician operation.

The running costs

The average cost per Km is as low as £12.50 with engine and gearbox rebuild intervals extendable to as much as 9,000km. These cars are built to be used.

The price

Full price on application (including matching livery Race Shuttle, tyre warmers and pit equipment in a branded flight case).

The current waiting list is seven months, however, early 2019 build slots are available for next season.

Ownership packages include membership of our drivers’ club (www.fastest.club) with invitations to drive at most prestigious European motoring events.

The HF1-018 is eligible for the European BOSS race series, the HF1-018 offers an exceptionally low-cost competitive alternative to GP2.

Our demonstration car can be viewed at various events this summer. Driving slots available at Brands Hatch Festival Italia, Zandvoort Classic, Adelaide Motosport Festival and is actively for sale including these invitations.

Additionally, Heritage F1 And TDF offer fully personalised packages. Including seat fitting, four pillar set up, driver tuition, dedicated European track time, to personalised Transportation Truck.

Conversions are also available for static F1 cars or show cars.

For further details or to arrange a trial drive of our demonstration car please contact Mike O’Connor at mike@heritage-f1.com

Tel: 0(+44)7760996362