Power by TDF

Power by TDF

Heritage and TDF formed a technical partnership in 2018 to assist our customers in maintaining, rebuilding and supplying the required trackside support to run their ex-Formula One cars.

Based at Bedford Autodrome in a 6000 sqft building built for the support and development of racing cars and the delivery of high-performance engineering to OEM customers. TDF is one of the few companies in the world capable of supporting V10, V8 and Turbo era F1 car’s in full GP specification. Their senior staff have all worked in F1 at the highest level, in both race team and factory roles before joining TDF. Their experience and expertise with cutting-edge motorsport technology and methodology show in everything they do as a business. Key abilities and technologies of TDF include but are not limited to:


TDF has built, from a bare tub, over 20 F1 cars, all to as close to the original GP specification as is possible today. The company has also been responsible for numerous other competition vehicles from historic single seaters to modern GT and touring cars competing in both endurance and sprint motorsport. In addition, they have assisted a number of OEM manufacturers with prototype build, production prototype builds, testing and development. Their unique mix of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering skills coupled with their experience of very high level, time-critical motorsport has allowed them to consistently meet deadlines and budgets whilst delivering success.


TDF is well known for developing custom and specific electronic control solutions for both motorsport and road car applications. From DBW throttle control to gear control, data logging to historically sympathetic upgrades and low volume control solutions for OEMs. Recent projects have included a complete, bespoke gear and clutch control system for Moog controlled F1 gearboxes/clutches, stand-alone hydraulic “fly by wire” clutch control, stand-alone retrofit “fly by wire” throttle control and live telemetry via the 3G/4G network for an endurance race car program. They also maintain one of the only, if not the only, Marelli STEP F1 electronics labs remaining with support for STEP6 and STEP8 F1 electronics.

There skills and technology were recently used to adapt one of our F1 cars to make it possible for Billy Monger to experience an F1 car for the first time. This was filmed a Rockingham Race Circuit by Sky F1 (see video below) and was a pleasure for all involved to make the dream a reality for Billy.


Team TDF, the TDF Race Team have a combined experience of over five decades of competition in BTCC, WTCC, LMP, FIA GT, F3 and F1 with over a decades experience in modern F1. The team currently run a variety of Ex F1 machinery in demo and competition along with several historic and endurance race cars competing throughout Europe. The team prides itself on its ability to bring F1 levels of ability, experience, and technical understanding to any form of competition it is involved with.