“The Noise”

A tribute to F1’s beautiful 17,000rpm scream the raw materials once made.

Formula 1 has at various times caused controversy with the introduction of new rules. In recent times one of these changes has divided opinion: the introduction of the quieter forced induction engines. Designed to improve efficiency, but at the same time killing one of the key parts of the sport to most fans, The Noise! 

The 2014 season saw quieter engines coming into force. We felt that a tribute was needed to the pre-2014 engines, which were much loved. The creative spur from Mike O’Connor has led to the creation of 18 sculptures. Each one created from the original Inconel exhaust systems, they are entitled “The Noise”.

The exhaust systems are from the infamous Ferrari “056” engines. They now resemble musical instruments as a tribute to the beautiful 17,000rpm V8 scream they once made.

Each sculpture has been named after the track on which it was originally used and bears the unique heat discolouration from the demands placed upon the engine at the track. Therefore, this series is extremely limited and each piece unique.

The sculptures are exclusively available from Dadiani Fine Art of Mayfair. To view or purchase please contact or visit

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